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Holistic facials

By Brook

Our focus is to bridge the gap between self-care and spirituality. 

Our search for holistic wellness has led us to explore other healing modalities such as Reiki, Gua Sha massage, facial cupping, crystal grids, and aromatherapy. We can  incorporate essential oils, sound baths, sage or palo santo smudging as well as other methods to accelerate the healing process. These practices aid in creating a state of relaxation and also allow the body to restore and rejuvenate itself naturally. During the treatment, we will explore key ingredients and recommend home care rituals that can help sustain your skin health goals. By incorporating these healing components in our facials, we create a holistic facial protocol that instils a sense of overall balance, peacefulness and ease.  

We honestly believe that clients receive the best results when nourishing their skin health while also nurturing their energetic wellness.  Our intention is to facilitate a healing experience for your skin along with your spirit!  These additions to any facial treatment are what generates its holistic nature of "mind-body-soul".

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