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Eyelash extensions

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"Keep your lashes long & your standards high."

Full set

Touch-up (Must have 50% of lashes remaining)



*Touch-up prices are only an option if the client has 50% of their lashes left*

*Please note after 5-6 weeks a full set is generally required. Some exceptions apply*

Things to remember for your appointment

  • Please arrive on time. We must use the full time to give you the best possible service and the most beautiful set of lashes.

  • Please remove any mascara or eye make-up prior to your appointment.

  • Try to reduce your facial movement as much as possible during the service.

  • If you wear glasses, please let us know so we can choose a lash length that accommodates your frames.

  • Lay back, relax, and let us take care of the rest!

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