Silkpeel dermalinfusion

Classic microdermabrasion (with crystals)

A progressive, non-invasive treatment that propels natural mineral crystals onto the surface of the skin for gentle epidermal abrasion that reveals newer, healthier, younger skin. Also helps with sun-damage, enlarged pores, and fine lines and wrinkles.

Cout d'eclat

45 mins - $70

Includes cleansing, 1 pass of microdermabrasion, a serum, a hydrating mask, and a cream.

Complete microdermabrasion

1hr - $100

Includes cleansing, 3 passes of micro, a serum, a hydrating mask, and a cream.

Silkpeel dermalinfusion

SilkPeel™ Dermalinfusion™ is a novel non-invasive skin resurfacing technology providing simultaneous exfoliation and delivery of targeted solutions for the face and body. Unlike our traditional microdermabrasion technology that is utilized with crystals, SilkPeel’s diamond tip head evenly abrades the skin at a depth of 30 microns, exfoliating damaged skin cells while penetrating targeted topical solutions deep into the skin. Immediate exposure of the abraded skin to the topical solutions optimizes the delivery of exclusive high performing topicals to address a variety of skin conditions such as acne, aging, redness and pigmentation.

Vitamin C solution for detoxification


If your skin is looking tired and dull this formula helps to brighten, exfoliate and infuse your skin with an arsenal of targeted antioxidants to protect against damage.

Lumixyl solution for hyperpigmentation


Improve the appearance of discoloration and achieve a more even skin tone overall.

Clarifying solution for acne


This formula provides relief for the most sensitive, acne prone skin.

Hydration solution for dry skin


A nutrient-rich moisturizing formula developed to quench the thirstiest skin.

*Prices vary depending on the option with or without a full facial.

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