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Permanent make-up

Sophia Harvey, Micropigmentation specialist & Medical Esthetician, 38 years of experience

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Tired of having to apply makeup daily? Wishing there was a quicker alternative? Well, there is! Permanent makeup is a micro-pigmentation process that has been around for decades. This often overlooked process can last for years before touch-ups to the original application are required. This exciting treatment is performed only by Sophia Harvey herself. Sophia is a highly respected member of the esthetic profession with 35 years of professional experience, including 28 years of experience with micro pigmentation, ensuring customer satisfaction every time. Sophia uses the latest equipment from industry leader Nouveau Contour. This equipment allows for a precise application with reduced skin irritation. Digital precision almost entirely eliminates the possibility of human error while increasing the efficiency of the application and reducing treatment time. Our unique time-tested approach to this popular technique is tailored to your needs. The first step in the process is to come in and meet with Sophia for a private consultation. During this consultation, emphasis is placed on identifying the features you wish to highlight, the colours to be used and the demands your lifestyle will place on the makeup. Sophia will work with you to help obtain the results you want from this process. 




The $50 fee is application toward your permanent make-up procedure.

Eyebrow creation

2hrs - $650

If you’re using a brow pencil or any sort of product to fill in your eyebrows, you will truly appreciate the look you get from permanent makeup. Together, we choose the right color to complement your skin and hair tone; then, I combine up to three shades to create a three-dimensional effect. Using a hair-by-hair feathering technique, I carefully sculpt a brow arch that’s in proportion with your facial features. This gives a very natural appearance even to a totally re-created brow. Furthermore, it gives an incredible fullness to a sparse brow.

*One touch-up is included with the procedure.

*We will also follow-up within a year of your procedure to ensure complete satisfaction.

Lip contour & filling

2hrs - $650 each*

Lips contour and filling look very natural and is one of the most popular procedures among my clients. You may never need to use lipstick or lip pencil again!

  • Adds contour, definition and fullness to lips

  • Bring back youthful lip colour

  • Correct shape or symmetry concerns

*Lip contour 2hrs - ($650)

*Lip filling 2hrs - ($650)

*One touch-up is included with each procedure

*We will also follow-up within a year of your procedure to ensure complete satisfaction.

Eyeliner creation

1hr30 - $500

Eye liner created by permanent makeup is ideal for the woman with an active lifestyle (swimming, jogging, etc.) or who simply wants to save time. It is also an alternative if you have allergies related to makeup. The liners that I apply can give you a natural or dramatic look, whatever you prefer. The colour and tone are selected to blend with your natural complexion. Not only does this procedure enhance your eyes, it can increase the appearance of lash volume and correct droopy eyes.

*One touch-up is included with the procedure*

*We will also follow-up within a year of your procedure to ensure complete satisfaction.

*NEW* Scalp micropigmentation

This procedure is tailored to clients with alopecia or simply to enhance hair density for thinning and balding scalps, hair transplantation scar camouflage, the shaved look simulation, hairline creation, and color correction.


Post-Procedure – Brow Creation

After the procedure I apply an antibiotic ointment to prevent irritation and infection; you will be asked to repeat this for 8-10 days.

Post Procedure – Eye Liner Creation

Same as Brow Creation. Your eyes may be slightly puffy for 12-48 hours. You may choose to use a cold compress.

Post-Procedure – Lip Contour and Filling

After the procedure I apply an antibiotic ointment to prevent irritation and infection; you will be asked to repeat this for 10-15 days. the ointment also protects you from any drying or discomfort, such as itching. If you are prone to cold sores, an antiviral cream can be recommended by your doctor or dentist which should be used 2 days before and 2 days following the procedure.

FAQ permanent make-up

Q: How can I be sure it will look good on me?
A: At your consultation, I’ll draw your new brow, eye liner, or lip liner with a pencil. We’ll also discuss the colour and shape that best suits your complexion and face.

Q: Is there a follow-up after the procedure?
A: Yes, I’ll see you again 5 to 7 weeks after the procedure. If necessary, a touch-up will be done as sometimes lip contour or filling needs a touch-up to accentuate the colour.

Q: Is my creation guaranteed?
A: Yes. With over 30 years experience in esthetics and over 26 years experience in micro-pigmentation, I guarantee your creation. I take great pride in making sure that my clients are happy and satisfied with their new creation.

Q: Is it painful?
A: I use the latest equipment from the industry leader “Nouveau Contour”. This equipment allows for a precise application with increased colour retention and minimal skin irritation. A topical anesthesia ensures your comfort.

Q: Is it really permanent?
A: Skin is constantly exfoliating which means that over time the color gradually lightens. Generally, it will require color adjustments every 3 to 10 years. The darker the pigment is, the longer it stays as your natural pigment. I’m now starting to touch up brows that were done 10 years ago.

Q: Is the procedure safe?
A: I use only those pigments that are approved by the F.D.A. I also use new needles for each and every client and operate under the strictest medical and professional standards.

Happy clients

 " With her incredible artistic skills, Sophia made my eyebrows look perfect and my confidence go up. I highly recommend her permanent eyebrow procedure" - Lucia S.

"Two days ago, I had permanent make up applied to my eyebrows by Sophia. She did a wonderful job, her vast experience is shown in every stroke, every little line she does. Her work is simply perfection. Sophia is one of the best cosmetologist in Ottawa and Sophia Esthetics one of the best spas." - Pat L.

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