Thanks to its highly-effective key-ingredients, this Serum refines and renews all skins. It gives back an all-new glow to dull complexions to reveal a flawless skin!


Using a controlled, progressive release technology, the AHA work their way gently into the epidermis, thus ensuring a maximum and safe performance. Since every skin is unique and has its own needs, a personalized dosage recommended by your aesthetician is indicated.

AHA Refining & Renewing Serum

  • Directions for use

    Morning and evening, after a thorough cleansing of the skin, apply a small quantity of the AHA Refining & Renewing Serum to the face and the neck according to the dosage recommended by your aesthetician. Massage in with light effleurages.


    Then apply the recommended Laboratoire Dr Renaud day or night cream. Before sun exposure, make sure to apply sun protection to the entire face and neck.

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