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•Restores the resistance and hydration needed by sensitive skin.

•Soothing and restorative moisturizing cream designed for reactive and sensitive skin.

Sensi Derm Cream


    • Ideal for mature and sensitive skin or skin with erythema, dry rosacea or photosensitivity
    • Strengthens the outermost layer of the skin (the stratum corneum) by creating a barrier that protects the skin against harmful environmental effects, free radicals, photoaging and oxidative stress
    • Preserves and stabilizes the hydrolipidic film to retain water and moisture in the skin and prevent dehydration
    • Prevents premature skin aging
    • Restores balance, suppleness and elasticity to the skin
    • Tones, softens and revitalizes the skin
    • Makes the skin soft and smooth
    • Regenerates, increase moisture levels and hydrates the skin
    • Provides comfort and soothes the skin
    • Reduces signs of premature skin aging and UV rays damage
    • Improves vascular circulation and oxygenation of the skin
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