3 innovations in 1! TRIPLE LIPID emulsion is an anti-ageing cream with a pleasant texture that is easily absorbed, formulated with a maximum lipid concentration. This unique anti-ageing lipid correction cream contains a precise 1:2:1 ratio of the skin’s three essential lipids, namely ceramides, cholesterol and fatty acids. Cholesterol is dominant, allowing the skin barrier to regenerate instantly. The cream also contains niacinamide, which promotes the skin’s natural regeneration and provides in-depth nutrition in order to slow the visible signs of ageing. It also includes an active ingredient biologically inspired by the regulatory power of flower nectar microbiota, which rebalances the skin’s microbiota.

Triple Lipid - Regenerating youth Care

  • Directions for use

    Morning and evening, after thoroughly cleansing and drying your skin, apply a small amount of TRIPLE LIPID on the face, neck and chest. Spread evenly and use light effleurage to allow the product to penetrate. Apply makeup, if desired.

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