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A high-performance, reliable, high-quality formula with a slight universal tint to reduce the whitening effect of mineral sunscreens. Specifically designed for daily use for people with demanding skin – light phototypes, vaso-reactive skin, skin prone to pigment spots, skin sensitive to the sun, or for more specific situations – recent scar, post-peeling, post-laser, etc.

UV Science SPF 50 Mineral High Protection

C$65.00 Regular Price
C$55.00Sale Price
  • Benefits

    • Effective upon application!
    • Protects against sunburn
    • Protects against premature aging
    • Prevents the appearance or aggravation of pigment spots
    • Prevents worsening of clinical signs of rosacea
    • Protects sensitive or weakened skin against external aggressions
    • Regenerates the protective skin barrier and reduces the risk of
    skin reaction

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