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Permanent Eyebrows Makeup in Progress

Powder Brows

Powder brows, also known as powder or ombre brows, are a semi-permanent cosmetic tattooing technique designed to create a soft, powdered makeup look on the eyebrows. Unlike microblading, which involves the manual creation of hair-like strokes, powder brows use a machine to deposit pigment in a gradual, shaded manner. This technique results in a more diffused and filled-in appearance, resembling the effect of eyebrow powder or pencil makeup. Powder brows are particularly popular for individuals seeking a well-defined and polished brow shape, and the procedure can be customized to achieve various levels of intensity, ensuring a natural or bolder look based on personal preference. The semi-permanent nature of the treatment allows for long-lasting results, typically lasting one to two years, making it a popular choice for those looking to enhance their eyebrows with a low-maintenance solution.

What are powder brows?


Powder brows is a semi-permanent makeup technique for eyebrows. It involves depositing pigment into the skin in a gradual, gradient fashion, creating a soft, powdered effect. This technique is particularly popular for achieving a fuller, well-defined eyebrow look and is suitable for various skin types. Powder brows offer a long-lasting solution for those seeking a polished and naturally enhanced brow appearance without the daily need for makeup application.

How long does the powder brows procedure take, and is there any downtime?

The duration of the powder brows procedure can vary, but it typically takes around 2 hours. While there may be slight redness or swelling immediately after the procedure, downtime is minimal, and most individuals can resume their regular

activities the same day.

How long do powder brows last, and is a touch-up session necessary

Powder brows are semi-permanent, and their longevity varies from person to person. Generally, they last between 1 to 3 years, depending on factors such as skin type, lifestyle, and aftercare. A touch-up session is recommended 6 weeks after the initial procedure to perfect the shape and ensure the pigment has settled evenly.

Is the powder brows procedure painful, and what is the aftercare like?

While discomfort levels vary, a topical numbing cream is applied to minimize pain. Most individuals report mild discomfort or a slight scratching sensation. Aftercare involves keeping the treated area clean, avoiding excessive moisture, and refraining from picking or scratching. Following the provided aftercare instructions is crucial for optimal healing and pigment retention.

Can powder brows be customized to suit different brow shapes and styles?

Yes, one of the advantages of powder brows is their versatility. The technique allows for customization to achieve various shapes, from natural and subtle to more defined and bold, depending on individual preferences and facial features.

How much are powder brows?

The initial appointment for powder brows is $550 and also includes your touch up 6 weeks later. We also offer touch-up pricing. Email or call us for your personalized quote.

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