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Meet the Sophia Esthetic Team

At Sophia Esthetic, our incredible team has been delivering exceptional skincare and spa experiences since our establishment in 1986. Committed to providing result-based skincare and a diverse range of spa treatments, our offerings include advanced facials, botox, microneedling, laser hair removal, and more. Our team, comprised of well-educated, certified, and friendly professionals, is passionate about helping you achieve the utmost confidence in your already amazing self. Founded by skin and micro-pigmentation expert Sophia Harvey, Sophia Esthetic is now co-owned by Gina Lawless and Bianca Laporte, both enthusiastic advocates for skincare and overall well-being. Our spa was built on the principle that radiant skin is achievable for everyone, regardless of age or skin condition. The Sophia Esthetic team is dedicated to understanding your skin's unique needs, ensuring you experience real and enduring results that enhance your natural beauty.



Owner, Medical Esthetician

Meet Sophia, the fearless founder of Sophia Esthetic! With her impeccable sense of humor (even if she doesn't realize it), she's taking the esthetics world by storm. When she's not busy pioneering the industry, you can catch her shredding the slopes on her skis or perfecting her swing on the golf course. And let's not forget about her passion for dancing! Whether it's a night out with friends or a solo dance party in the bathroom, Sophia knows how to groove. She may be a bit chaotic at times, but that's all part of her charm. We can't help but love her infectious energy and unwavering dedication to making us all look our best. So, here's to Sophia: the queen of esthetics and the reigning champion of the dance floor!


Owner, Spa Manager

Meet Gina, the fashion-forward spa manager and part owner of Sophia Esthetic. She may be a small town girl, but her dreams are bigger than her hair on a humid day. When she's not managing the spa and her amazing team, you can find her on a road trip with her two boys and husband, singing along to all of the hits at the top of her lungs. Gina's passion for the esthetic industry is contagious, and she's not afraid to try new things. She once tried to convince her team to offer a "spa treatment" where you just take a nap while someone brushes your hair, but unfortunately, it didn't catch on. So, if you're looking for a good time and some killer skincare, come visit Gina and her team at Sophia Esthetic. You won't be disappointed - and you might just leave with a new outfit, too.



Owner, Medical Esthetician, PM Specialist

Meet Bianca, as part owner of Sophia Esthetic, she's got the perfect recipe for flawless skin that'll have you glowing like a light bulb. Whether it's microneedling or an IPL treatment, she's got you covered. But don't let her love for skincare fool you, because Bianca is also a permanent makeup artist who can transform your face into a work of art. She's like the Picasso of eyebrows! When she's not busy making people look fabulous, Bianca loves to travel with her soon-to-be-husband Vince and going on adventures with her two step-children. No Bianca bio would be complete without mentioning Mia, her Frenchie. She's convinced that Mia is actually a human trapped in a dog's body, and she treats her accordingly. Bianca also loves to workout, but don't be fooled - she has a major sweet tooth. Her favorite post-workout snack is a bag of gummy bears. So, if you're looking for a skincare guru who knows how to have fun, look no further than Bianca! She's the real deal, and she's ready to make you feel like a million bucks.


Sr. Esthetician, Electrologist,

Laser Hair Removal Specialist

Meet Josie, our senior esthetician who's always on a mission to make you look and feel your best. She's not just a master waxer and facialist, she's a magician who can transform your skin from dull to dazzling with just a wave of her magic wand. When she's not busy making you look fabulous, Josie can be found whipping up a storm in the kitchen for the entire staff, because that's just how selfless and caring she is. And if you're ever looking for travel recommendations, Josie's your go-to gal. She's been to more places than you can count on your fingers and toes, and she's always eager to share her insider tips and tricks. But despite all her jet-setting adventures, there's two things that Josie loves more than anything else - her husband Gary and her children. So if you're in need of a little TLC, come see Josie. Not only will she pamper you like a queen, but she'll leave you feeling like you can conquer the world!



Medical Esthetician,

Laser Hair Removal Specialist

Meet Sarah, the bubbliest medical Esthetician you'll ever meet! Hailing from the capital of Canada, Ottawa, Sarah is a true lover of all things skincare. She's always been fascinated by the intricacies of skin anatomy and can talk for hours on end about the latest and greatest skincare products. Sarah can make your skin glow like the Northern Lights. When Sarah is not pampering her clients with facials and expert advice, you can find her on her yoga mat, finding her inner Zen. As an empath and an over-thinker, Sarah brings a unique perspective to her work, always considering not just the physical but also the emotional wellbeing of her clients. Her warm and caring personality shines through in every interaction, making her clients feel at ease and cared for. So if you're looking for a skincare guru who's equal parts knowledgeable and caring, look no further than Sarah. She's got the skills and the personality to make your skin glow and your heart



Meet Phoebe, our resident waxing wizard and the youthful spark of our team; the only Gen Z member who keeps us all feeling young at heart with her bubbly personality and knack for great conversation while ensuring that even the most unruly hairs bow down to her skilled hands. When she's not perfecting brows or banishing unwanted hair, she's our go-to for all things TikTok, trying to keep us relevant with the latest trends and teaching us the freshest lingo.



Administrative Assistant

Meet Steph, our front of house guest services specialist, dog lover extraordinaire, and certified hypnotherapist. When she's not busy helping guests, she's probably at home snuggled up with her three furry friends, discussing their past lives together. As an empath and introvert, Steph has the unique ability to feel your energy from a mile away, but don't worry, she won't judge you (unless you don't like dogs, then all bets are off). With the biggest heart in the biz, Steph is always willing to lend an ear, a paw, or a hypnotherapy session to help you feel your best.


Guest Services Coordinator

Meet Michelle, a multi-talented individual who works as both a receptionist and a staff hair stylist. Her infectious humor and ability to adapt to any situation have made her a beloved member of the team. Michelle is a true chameleon, able to chat with anyone and make them feel at ease. When she's not working, Michelle loves to explore and is always up for an adventure. Whether it's traveling or trying a new restaurant in town, she's always down to try something new. Michelle is also a proud dog mom to two adorable Frenchies, who are the light of her life. With her quick wit and positive attitude, Michelle is a joy to be around and brings a smile to everyone's face.

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